1967 Born in Osaka, Japan.

1982`1985 Studing painting in Japanese style.

1985`1987 Studing wood sculuptureing.

1987`1989 Besides working as a part-time art lecturer in junior highscholl,
studing under as one contemporary sculuptor.

1991`1992 Traveling around Europe.
Back to Osaka,
and teaching oneself blacksmithing at corner of scrap yard.

1992`1994 Go to Awaji island,Hyogo,and making works full swing there.

1995`1996 Go to Barcelona,Spain to study blacksmithing in Europian traditonal style.
Studing under as one blacksmith in Canet de Mar, Barcelona.
Studing under as Josep Plandiura,director of Center of Art Contemporary, "La Rectria" in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Barcelona.

1996` Back to Awaji island.
Making interior and exterior decoration mainly.

Iron works * Chomei Yositaka

474, Shitoori-Anjuji, Minami-Awaji-city,
Hyogo, Japan 656-0151